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FEG Skills is an abbreviation for Future Energy Skills and Gamification. It is an undertaking focused on sustainability of our scarce resources and preserving healthy living conditions for future generations here on Earth. It was developed and piloted in 2018 – 2019 by four elementary schools from Lapua, Finland.

Year 2022 started FEG 2.0, which takes this undertaking even further. Now there are eight schools involved and the new, updated FEG 2.0 was released in winter 2024.

​FEG Skills is funded by and developed in co-operation with Finnish National Agency for Education. For the time being it’s only available in Finnish, but we are certainly interested in translating FEG Skills into multilingual versions in the future.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more of the possibilities of FEG Skills in your language!

Contacts in English:

Learning Director

Mika Kamunen

Chief of Education

Juho Norrena

FEG Skills Coordinators

Kari Västinsalo

Marko Kivimäki

Teija Karvonen

Eija Västinsalo


Media representative 

Eija Västinsalo