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Jokilaakso Garden

Jokilaakso Garden is a popular travel destination for garden enthusiasts and an open park near the center of Lapua.

For over a hundred years it was the site of the Lapua school of household management, and the garden was established on the grounds in 2000. In 2023 it was awarded the international Green Flag award given to well maintained and managed parks.

Thousands of different plants have been planted in the garden along the years. Most are traditional garden plants, but there are some rarities and brand new plants.

The pride of Jokilaakso Garden is the large useful plants exhibition plot, which is one of the largest in Finland. Other larger plots include decorative grasses exhibition area, conifer trees plot, rose garden and an apple orchard. In addition to these, there are lots of different perennial plants, bushes, trees and yearly summer flower plots. All the multi year plants have name signs.

During the summer season the garden has domesticated animals, like chickens and bunnies. On the river shore you can fish, feed ducks, relax in a hammock or cook sausages on an open fire.

The gardens encompass two hectares of area, and entry is free.

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